Friday, December 5, 2014

Lexington Belle Q2 vs Ruby 31

I was all ready to have my second post be about the house design we had fallen for, however we've done that thing where we've found a second one that we may even like more than the first.

I've decided to do this post on them both :-)

The Belle

The first house design we really, truly, felt could be our forever house was the 'Lexington Belle Q2' by Henley.

 photo LexingtonBelleQ2.jpg
Henley 'Lexington Belle Q2' Floorplan

We love the layout of having all of the living areas close together. Great for entertaining or keeping an eye on kidlets in the future. It has the four bedrooms we are after, as well as an ensuite with a double size shower and separate toilet. Also has a Butlers Pantry and a pretty big island bench. Swoon!
The only problem we had was that Henley are firm on not making any structural changes beyond the 'options' they have available. This means we can't do little tweaks that we wanted if we go with them... To me, it takes a little bit of the shine off if you can't build your own house the way you want...

But then Henley kind of got kicked to the curb...

The Ruby

It was about a month ago that we went to visit a display at Melton South and being Cup Weekend (which I hadn't even thought about), the display we wanted to see was closed, so we went into the Granvue display for the first time. As soon as we walked into the Ruby we loved it! It's so spacious, with storage galore in the Master bedroom, big shower again, separate toilet, etc.

But it was the kitchen/living/dining room that really made it perfect for us. The Ruby has an extremely long bench as well as a huge walk in pantry area. I could straight away see ourselves entertaining there, cooking dinner after work, or enjoying the alfresco area during warmer months.

 photo GranvueRubyFloorplan.jpg
Granvue 'Ruby' Floorplan
So we put down some money with Granvue in order for them to start working the plan a little to get it to fit onto our block. Once they have come up with a plan that we like, they will price it for us and we will have to start cutting things out so that we can afford it, ha ha. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for us!