Saturday, July 18, 2015

Getting back into it

Well, it's been some time since I updated. That was due to one main thing - money.
When the initial quote came back and then some things happened in our life that ate up some of our savings, we ended up putting our build on the back burner for as long as we could.
The effect that had on me was that I was so disappointed in not being able to dive into the build side of things, I didn't even want to think about designs and colours and furniture. It seemed so far in the future it was almost out of reach again.

Things Change

Our builder sent an email last weekend asking if we were ready to get things started and at first we thought no, but after a lot of talking, doing figures and finding out it will likely still take a number of months of planning before we get started on site, then it turns out we can get started on planning now. Awesome!

We also ended up speaking to the bank this week and got pre-approval. It's one more load off our minds, that's for sure.


We have a meeting with the builder today. I am expecting that we will go over the modified plans and updated quote. Crossing our fingers that the figure is reasonable, however I expect that we will have to go back and make more changes. A few things we asked them to quote on were things on our wishlist that we had no idea on the price.

We may also book in our colour appointment, so the research is on! I am hoping that we will be able to go and visit some of the suppliers to look at the different options in each category before our colour appointment. I want to take lots of photos for comparison so I will be sure to post them here too. The hubby is not too fussed on most of the colour options, so it's mostly on me to get it right. Yikes! :)